BHP Industries S.A. is company that produces a variety of cosmetics, food and household products intended for mass consumption of both local and international markets.

Established in 1987 as Les Pâtes Alimentaires Haïtiennes, the company started producing pasta under the CAROLINA brand name.

The company later changed its name to BHP Industries in 2007 to better reflect the new variety of its products, having entered the production of margarine in 1993 and the production of household cleaners and personal care products in 2000.

Then, in 2015, with the acquisition of the firm PIGOU, the company became a yogurt, juices and essences manufacturer.

In 2017, BHP Industries takes up the production of mayonnaise and mustard sold under the label CAROLINA.

BHP Industries is part of a group of four companies including François Murat Excellent S.A. (importer and distributor of industrial, agricultural and construction equipment, and generators), Lubex S.A. (distributor of lubricants, fuel and propane gas) and ETE Engineering & Construction S.A. (electricity, air conditioning, plumbing, computer networks and cameras).

Our products are well known for their superior quality and very competitive prices. Thus, due to our constant presence on the market since 1987, we managed to develop a loyal customer base.

Moreover, since the years 2000, BHP Industries is an exporter of CAROLINA branded products specially pasta and margarine to the United States and Canada.

We also exported pearl millet and dry mushrooms and are currently expanding our exports to other Caribbean markets.

The company is continuously developing new products for its flagship brand CAROLINA and its other various brands.